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There are four rooms in Baannai; Three of them were designed after the characteristics of the three Baannai Ladies. The other room was a guest room for welcoming friends and relatives.All different rooms decoration with private balcony are equipped with Flat-screen TV with international channels, multimedia centre iPod, iPhone dock, personal safe box, minibar, and in-room amenities.

Benjamas Superior front Balcony

The first room belonged to the eldest sister, graceful yet formidable and full of kindness. This room was designed toward a more masculine perspective. The small-sized room retained the character of the original house, representing the eldest sister’s sacrifice and serenity. The tone of colors used in the room gives a calm and solemn sense with no use of vibrant colors. The furniture selected are made of rattan, to mimic the house decoration in the past where this material was widely used.

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Malisorn Superior with Balcony

The second room belonged the the middle sister who loved handicraft, care-taking, needlework, cooking, and growing plants and flowers. Most plants in Baannai were tended to with the utmost care. This room emphasizes freshness and liveliness. The decoration includes handcrafted items and different matching furniture. This room uses to most vivid colors of all rooms.

Our rooms are available to book via Airbnb, following the links below

Kularb Honeymoon Suite

The third room belonged to the little sister whose beauty and the fairest skin were doubtlessly agreed on. She adhered to pride and dignity. She was well-dressed and took a good care of her appearance. She was fond of traveling both to local and international destinations. Therefore, this room is the most spacious among all of the rooms. There is a bedroom and an antechamber to the right side that sits a tea table. This room emphasizes the spaciousness, the use of white tone and white roses representing a good taste and charm. The addition of white lace embroidered curtains and decorating items complements the room of a lady in her prime.

Our rooms are available to book via Airbnb, following the links below

Botan Jacuzzi deluxe

The fourth room was to accommodate the guests and situated on the first floor to the front space of the house. The decoration in this room has a glimpse of the Chinese influence, clearly visible in the decor, furniture, housewares, wonderfully-shaped plants, as if the room decoration was influenced by a personal preference. In the past, Thai people fancied Chinese-styled items and could integrate them nicely into the house. A symbol of modernity is probably an addition of a jacuzzi at the back of the room which complements the sense of relaxation. 

Our rooms are available to book via Airbnb, following the links below

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